The Network Synchronizer
Embedded OEM BITS interface module for Network Synchronization and timing
source management.


BITSync is an embedded OEM interface module handling SSMs (Synchronization Status Messages) and Interface functions to BITS (Building Integrated Timing Supply). The BITSync is designed to fulfill all of the required interfacing between the NE (Network Element) and the on-site BITS, and it is an essential component in the managed timing distribution telecom network.


Telcordia: GR-1244-CORE, Telcordia: GR-253-CORE, ANSI T1. 101
    recommendations compliant

  • External Timing, Line Timing, Through Timing and Hold Over timing modes support
  • Message Pass Through and Threshold AIS Generation mode support
  • 3.3 V power supply
  • Automatic timing reference switching based on LOS
  • Frequency offset and SSM messages (first and second generation) processing
  • Up to five timing references in the line/ through timing mode
  • Two DS1 interfaces in the external timing mode
  • Manual timing reference switching command
  • Manual, Forced Switch, Clear Forced, Lock Out and Clear Lock Out commands support
  • Automatic or Manual Timing Mode switching
  • Automatic or manual switching of the derived DS1 reference based on:
    • SSM message automatic switching
    • Continuous reference monitoring: frequency offset and LOS
    • Manual, Forced Switch, Clear Forced, Lock Out, and Clear Lock Out commands support
  • Automatic alarm processing
  • I2C, UART serial host processor interface
  • Complete interface to Terasync’s ATiMe 3/3E/S models

     BITSync™ Brochure (71 KB pdf file)

  • The complete NE (Network Element) – BITS (Building Integrated Timing
    Supply) interface solution, providing
    the host with a unique
    tool that fulfills all of the user’s
    timing distribution & message
    handling requirements.

    BITSync is also a tool for
    a non-external timed NE, where no
    BITS is available, enabling automatic SSM (Synchronization Status
    Message) based timing
    references witching.

    Environmental Friendly
    - RoHS Compliance
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